2014 Drivers of Change Award Winners Announced

The Southern Africa Trust congratulates the following Drivers of Change Award winners:

The Drivers of Change Government Award – The City Of Quelimane under the Leadership of Mayor Manuel De Aroujo

Quelimane, a town in Mozambique, had fallen to ruin with the cathedral abandoned and used by street kids, the supermarket closed and the cinema flooded due to the town’s proximity to a river mouth. After Manuel de Araújo was appointed Mayor in December 2011, things began to change. Mayor De Araújo has motivated the people to get involved in fixing up the town for themselves, and the changes have encouraged them to start paying taxes. Together, they have cleaned up trenches where mosquitoes usually breed, thereby reducing cases of malaria; reopened the fish market; repaired the local swimming pool; and fixed roads. The judges believe the city of Quelimane under the governance of Mr de Araújo “creates employment, deals with environmental challenges and encourages giving by getting citizens to make the business of development their business”.

The Drivers of Change Individual Award – Dr. Vuyo Mahlati

Dr. Vuyo Mahlati – President on the International Women’s Forum of South Africa and entrepreneur – typifies the idea of an African Renaissance woman. While working both practically and intellectually in the urban development, poverty reduction, gender equality and policy implementation spheres – she is still committed to the ethos of Ubuntu and care. “Her humility and keen grasp of economic and development issues at the micro and macro levels make her one of Africa’s most persuasive young leaders”, the judges said.

Investing In The Future and Drivers of Change Business Award – Mowoza: Mobile Running

MoWoza is a mobile phone platform that simplifies the way informal cross-border traders buy and sell their products. Informal traders often have difficulties when carrying cash, and this platform helps to eliminate this risk by sourcing products through a network of suppliers accessible via a mobile phone. MoWoza is also able to streamline the supply chain through an SMS service, can negotiate bulk discounts and have created a trusted taxi distribution network that delivers the consignments. The judges said: “The company’s products and services promote inclusive business that empowers cross-border traders to enable them to do business better.”

Investing In the Future and Drivers of Change Civil Society Award – Kikukwe Community Development Initiative

Kikukwe is a community initiative in Tanzania where advanced beekeeping hives using Langstroth technology have been provided to help 200 widows earn a living. Beneficiaries earn a good income selling the honey and wax. An additional bonus is that the bees have increased crop pollination and record harvests have been seen in the banana, maize, beans and groundnut farms. The project has influenced national agricultural policy – the Tanzanian government is now looking at how to promote and support beekeeping at farms. The judges believe that this project, “Is innovative, creates employment for women and it is easy to replicate and upscale”.

Thank you all for the nominations received!