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Investing In the Future and Drivers of Change Business Award: Mowoza Mobile Running

Mobile Running – is a mobile phone platform that simplifies the way informal cross-border traders buy and sell their products. Informal traders often have difficulties when carrying cash, and this platform helps to eliminate this risk by sourcing products through a network of suppliers accessible via a mobile phone. MoWoza is also able to streamline the supply chain through an SMS service, can negotiate bulk discounts and have created a trusted taxi distribution network that delivers the consignments. The judges said: “The Company’s products and services promote inclusive business that empowers cross-border traders to enable them to do business better.”

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Investing In the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Unjani Clinic

Unjani Clinic, a division of Imperial Health Sciences provides affordable, high quality primary healthcare to people in rural and hard-to-access areas. Using reconverted shipping containers, the clinics serve as on-site dispensaries, nursing stations and medical advice centres. For a greatly subsidised fee, patients can get access to their medicines, nursing care and advice on how to manage their conditions. This helps relieve the pressure on the public health system. Poor health, disease and disability prevent low-income communities in South Africa from working full time, thus limiting their income. Healthier people can contribute towards economic activity and growth and escape the poverty trap. This in turn enhances their dignity and self-esteem, which affects the whole family.

Investing In the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Zimele

Anglo American’s enterprise development arm, Zimele, has not only invested R655 million to support more than 1,200 small businesses that created 23,000 jobs, it has also transformed its own supply chain to offer sustained business opportunities to the small businesses through its own core business operations. This is an excellent example of doing inclusive business that at one maximizes social benefits and optimises profits.

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Investing In The Future and Drivers of Change Business Award: The Trust for Urban Housing

The Trust for Urban Housing, a joint project with Future growth Asset Management, is driving change in the inner city property renewal. The Trust supports emerging inner-city property entrepreneurs by financing building projects that transform inner city living spaces for the rental property market. 

The Trust is an example of the impact of on-the-ground social entrepreneurship that at once assists entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of owning a sustainable business and uplifts communities. 

It empowers lower income groups to join the property investment market as equals, in areas where banks are reluctant to invest. In 2010, 4,647 units were refurbished and 9,294 jobs created as a result of the Trust’s investments. 

Today the majority of the property owners and landlords come from previously disadvantaged homes. This is an excellent demonstration of how low income groups can be organized into reliable markets when products are well-tailored to their needs… with remarkable social benefits, the judges said.

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Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Partnership between Dr Xolile Ngethu, WBHO Construction, and the Commark Trust

A unique partnership between Dr Xolile Ngethu, WBHO Construction, and the Commark Trust for driving change in the way corporate social responsibility is practised. When WBHO Construction won the contract to build a road between Mount Frere and Matatiele in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, it partnered with Commark and Dr Ngethu to support black farmers earn more income from their cattle. The initiative has seen black farmers access previously inaccessible red meat markets, turning their cattle into assets that are generating real and lasting returns. The project is making markets work for the poor in the Eastern Cape.

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Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS

Hosted by the Lesotho Textile Exporters’ Association, the Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS (ALAFA) is a coalition of apparel manufacturers, retailers, workers, international clothing brands, international organisations, and the Lesotho government. The largest and most productive employment sector in Lesotho, the apparel industry employs 46, 000 mostly women workers who are poorly skilled, 43% of whom are estimated to be HIV positive. Clearly outstanding is its innovative sector wide public-private-community partnership that is showing how possible it is to protect key productive economic sectors from the ravages of HIV and AIDS in poor countries by bringing together the key interest groups in a partnership. With this initiative, more than 32,000 workers are part of the HIV and AIDS prevention programme and it is estimated that 25, 000 workers now have access to care and treatment.

“Through this project, many individuals have been enabled to maintain dignity and self-respect, irrespective of their HIV status.  The added benefit of sustained employment creates a platform for financial independence and an improved quality of life which is most encouraging” said the judges.

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Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Allan Gray

Driven by a deep concern with regard to the prevalence of poverty and unemployment in large parts of southern Africa,  Allan Gray has together with the boards and management  of Allan Gray Limited and Orbis Investment Management Limited, devised a multi-faceted initiative to promote job creation by fostering excellence in entrepreneurship through both funding and education.  This opened the possibility for talented young South Africans to broaden their dreams for the future.  This initiative is trying to fill the gap of qualified black professionals and entrepreneurs in South Africa by ensuring that the efforts are paid forward and therefore kept sustainable for future’ fellows’ and aspiring entrepreneurs. Allan Gray Limited also plans empowerment structures in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.