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Investing In the Future and Drivers of Change Civil Society Award: Swaziland Migrant Mineworkers Association (SWAMMIWA)

SWAMMIWA is a civil society group and a member of the Southern Africa Miners Association (SAMA) that has played a pivotal role in assisting former mineworkers reintegrate back into their communities. Migrant ex-miners often retire back to the families highly sick and without financial aid or retirement benefits. SWAMMIWA is being acknowledged for engaging parliamentarians and the Swaziland government in affording ex-miners in Swaziland access to medical assessments and compensation for TB and Silicosis. SWAMMIWA also educates ex-miners on pot-employment rights as well as income-generating projects such as poultry, dairy farming and goat rearing. As a result of this, disadvantaged ex-miners have benefited from improved household nutrition, health, as well as income to support their livelihoods. And this has extended to better lives for their families.

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Investing In the Future and Drivers of Change Civil Society Award: Kikukwe Community Development Initiative

Kikukwe Community Development Initiative is a community initiative in Tanzania where advanced beekeeping hives using Langstroth technology have been provided to help 200 widows earn a living. Beneficiaries earn a good income selling the honey and wax. An additional bonus is that the bees have increased crop pollination and record harvests have been seen in the banana, maize, beans and groundnut farms. The project has influenced national agricultural policy – the Tanzanian government is now looking at how to promote and support beekeeping at farms. The judges believe that this project, “Is innovative, creates employment for women and it is easy to replicate and upscale”.

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Investing In the Future & Drivers of Change Civil Society Award The Siyavuna Development Centre

The Siyavuna Development Centre is an innovative agricultural programme developed to alleviate poverty by stimulating local agriculture in Kwazulu Natal. Its mission is to train and mentor organic farmers to develop successful agri-businesses, linking them to markets through the Kumnandi brand. Through this model, rural farmers grow organic produce – a valuable commodity in today’s market. The farmers then form part of a network where cash is circulated within their community 13 produce is collected and paid for at collection points. The co-operative then sells the produce to established markets in the first economy. The greatest benefit of this programme is that this is a highly effective model, which is easy to learn, replicate and implement, encouraging similar systems in similar areas.

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Investing In The Future and Drivers of Change Civil Society Award: Asiye E Tafuleni

Asiye e Tafuleni means “let’s go to the table”. By taking a “bottom up” approach to compliment local government efforts, Asiye e Tafuleni collobarates with informal traders, local government officials, and town planners to creatively include the voices and interests of informal traders in urban planning and development. 

As a social facilitation agency, AeT has been pioneering in research, multi-stakeholder dialogue and negotiation, policy development, and service delivery aimed at filling the pro-poor development vacuum that exists in urban design and planning. 

Through its innovative work in the Warwick Avenue market area in Durban, South Africa, Asiye e Tafuleni is a driver for systemic change towards more inclusive cities across the southern Africa region. 

The initiative exemplifies higher level partnerships that work for the benefit of vulnerable groups at a very local level, the judges said.

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Investing In The Future and Drivers of Change: Civil Society Award: Ikamva Youth

Ikamva Youth, A by-youth and for-youth township based education initiative that enables disadvantaged youth to get out of poverty and into university, Ikamva Youth leverages on the power of peer to peer learning, mentoring, and volunteerism and cross sector partnerships to transform South Africa’s educational landscape. Learners who complete study are reintegrated as volunteers to tutor upcoming groups while some join the branch management committees of the initiative. 

Less than 10% of learners attending township schools access tertiary education. With this model, more than 70 percent of Ikamva Youth’s grade 12 groups have gained access to tertiary education. Learners whose parents are under-educated and unemployed are breaking the cycle of poverty through education, taking responsibility for their own education and their future. “These learners are true drivers of change as they are also setting a good example for other younger learners to become agents of change for their own success” the Judges said.

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