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Drivers of Change Individual Award:

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Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change Civil Society Award: African Wildlife Foundation

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Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change Business Award: Allan Gray

Driven by a deep concern with regard to the prevalence of poverty and unemployment in large parts of southern Africa,  Allan Gray has together with the boards and management  of Allan Gray Limited and Orbis Investment Management Limited, devised a multi-faceted initiative to promote job creation by fostering excellence in entrepreneurship through both funding and education.  This opened the possibility for talented young South Africans to broaden their dreams for the future.  This initiative is trying to fill the gap of qualified black professionals and entrepreneurs in South Africa by ensuring that the efforts are paid forward and therefore kept sustainable for future’ fellows’ and aspiring entrepreneurs. Allan Gray Limited also plans empowerment structures in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

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Drivers of Change Government Award: The Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD), Government of Mozambique

The Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) of the Government of Mozambique, is a shining example of promoting high participation of civil society organisations in the public policies aimed at overcoming poverty.

Listening to the voice of civil society organisations, the MPD developed the Plan of Action for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty (PARPA II) which is the main public policy instrument incorporating more that 70% of their contributions. Setting a platform for open policy debate, the MPD established the Poverty Observatory Secretariat, a consultative forum whose main role is to monitor the objectives and goals undertaken by public and private bodies within the ambit of PARPA. The Poverty Observatory, has a membership of 60, consisting of 20 members each from government, international community and civil society constituting what is known as the Group of 20 (G20).

A sound relationship exists between the secretariats of the Poverty Observatory and the G20. In this regard, public policies and strategies in overcoming poverty are sent to the G20 secretariat that in turn circulates the information to over 200 civil society organisations in the country. An Annual Report on Poverty is prepared with the involvement of all stakeholders. In addition, civil society organisations through the G20, participate in the process of Joint Revision, periodically evaluating the government performance and donors.

The Panel of Judges noted that governments alone cannot eradicate poverty and their efforts should be complemented by all key stakeholders in society. To this end, they unanimously agreed to confer a JOINT SPECIAL AWARD to theMinistry of Planning and Development of Mozambique and the G20 citing their outstanding and creative partnership as a model for other government/civil society partnerships.