They Did It And So Can You!

Unjani Clinics, a division of Imperial Health Sciences won the 2013 Drivers of Change Award in the Business Category.

Unjani aims to contribute to the transformation of the South African healthcare system by establishing a network of franchised clinics that help to meet the need for primary healthcare by providing essential facilities in poor communities.

The judges praised Unjani for its initiative, rating it as a feeder model that works in rural areas. “It is innovative and it can be replicated,” the judges said. Patients commended the clinics for the tremendous service they provide. “These clinics are good for us. Here it is neat and clean,” said Mathew, a patients at Unjani.

Don’t miss out! Only 2 weeks left to nominate individuals, businesses, civil society organisations and governments making a difference in southern Africa! Nominations close on 31 July 2015.